Terrace Tapas with a Twist

Every dish served in our Biggleswade restaurant is made our own, thanks to our talented team of chefs. Head Chef Will puts his individual interpretation on everything. From our new spring menu to Sunday lunch & even brunch.

As well as a new main menu, the arrival of spring bought with it Terrace Tapas too.

Created to nibble & share, our tapas is be enjoyed beneath the early summer sun. Outside on our terrace, Monday to Sunday all throughout summer.

And just like every other dish, our chef’s have put their unique stamp on these small plates. Look out for:

  • Chipotle Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese Mayo
  • Duck & Plum Sausage Roll with Smokey Hoisin
  • Beetroot, Cumin & Feta Spring Roll.

Discover the full terrace tapas menu here. Spaces are limited on our terrace, booking in advance is advised.

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