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Roll up, folks! Welcome to a favorite amongst the Restaurants Biggleswade holds dear to its heart – the unparalleled Saddle & Spoke! Nestled in Biggleswade’s historic heart, this culinary jewel weaves an enchanting story of the town’s cycling legacy within its hallowed walls.

We’re more than just a restaurant – Saddle & Spoke is a ‘home from home’, a place where you can sink into plush sofas, bask in gentle lighting, and let your gaze wander over tastefully curated wall art as you savor the best grub in town. Our rising star, chef, Will Ingarfill, is the mastermind behind our mouth-watering menus that change with the seasons, spinning up dishes that will have you coming back, again and again, be it for a quick lunch, intimate dinners, or hearty family roasts.

And let’s not forget about the drinks! As a free house, we’ve got the freedom to bring you the crème de la crème of ales, vinos, gins, and cocktails, each handpicked by us, for you! So pull up a chair, sip on our signature Orange Martini, and live the Saddle & Spoke experience. Because when it comes to Restaurants Biggleswade loves, we’re the name on everyone’s lips.

But don’t just take our word for it, hear it straight from one of our happy customers: “I’ve been here multiple times and each time, it has been amazing! Top marks to the chef, the staff are so friendly and the food is top-notch yet reasonably priced. I can’t recommend Saddle & Spoke enough!” Now how about that, eh?

Saddle & Spoke: Unraveling the Taste of Biggleswade’s History

Here at Saddle & Spoke, we pride ourselves on being more than just a top-rated restaurant in Biggleswade. We’re a tangible embodiment of the town’s rich cycling past, a tastefully themed hotspot where the spirit of Biggleswade’s cycling legends lives on… and where it meets the modern culinary world. The fusion of these two elements is evident from the moment you walk in.

Our decor, with vintage bicycles, hung tastefully on the walls and cycling memorabilia scattered throughout, pays tribute to Biggleswade’s history. But the real magic happens when this legacy is translated onto your plate. Each dish is a pedal stroke through Biggleswade’s past, crafted to reflect the rich flavors that the town has grown to love.

The heritage beetroot and goat cheese tart might evoke the spectacular sunrises experienced by early morning riders, while the slow-roasted pork belly with apple compote could embody a delightful afternoon ride found in local countryside lanes. So, while you’re enjoying your meal, remember – you’re not just savoring a plate full of delicious food. You’re taking a ride through the pages of Biggleswade’s history, with every bite bringing you closer to the town’s cycling past. Welcome to Saddle & Spoke, where history and gastronomy ride side by side.

A Seat at Our Table: The Saddle & Spoke Dining Experience, a Restaurant Biggleswade Loves

Let’s be honest, folks – food is more than just sustenance. It’s an experience! And here at Saddle & Spoke, we strive to bring you an unforgettable dining affair that’s about more than just a meal – it’s about creating lasting memories. We’ve got something for everyone, from casual lunches to grand-occasion diners, from the solitary wanderer to the boisterous family crowd.

Start your culinary journey with our light yet lip-smacking starters, take a mid-journey pit-stop with our wholesome and hearty main courses, and don’t forget to end your expedition on a sweet note with our desserts that are the talk of the town. Our menu changes with the seasons, keeping things fresh and exciting, just like a thrilling bike ride through Biggleswade’s picturesque landscapes.

Casual lunches? We’ve got you covered with our variety of sandwiches, salads, and soups. Family feast? Our roast dinners are a crowd-pleaser, with succulent meats, roast potatoes, and colorful vegetables. And let’s not forget our legendary Sunday roasts!

The Season’s Bounty at Saddle & Spoke, Biggleswade’s Favourite Restaurant

It’s no secret that Biggleswade’s gastronomes are head over wheels for Saddle & Spoke, and Chef Will Ingarfill has a lot to do with that. His secret weapon? A seasonally rotating menu that always keeps the foodies guessing – and drooling!

Spring rides in with a menu as fresh and invigorating as a breezy cycle down a leafy lane. Think dishes like our zingy lemon and asparagus risotto or the succulent roast lamb with spring vegetables. As the season of blooms gives way to summer, expect a menu that’s a beaming ray of sunshine on your plate. Our summer favorites? A refreshing watermelon and feta salad, and the seared tuna steak with a tangy mango salsa.

Autumn sees a turn towards hearty comfort food, perfect for those chilly evenings. The slow-cooked beef stew laced with autumnal vegetables is a crowd-pleaser, while the pumpkin soup with sage croutons evokes the season in every spoonful. As for winter, it’s all about the warm and cozy fare at Saddle & Spoke. Think traditional Christmas roasts and puddings, with a Saddle & Spoke twist, of course.

Biggleswade’s Toast to Saddle & Spoke: A Free House Tradition

No gastronomic journey at Saddle & Spoke is complete without a visit to our well-stocked bar, where we celebrate Biggleswade’s thriving free house tradition with a curated collection of ales, wines, gins, and cocktails.

Our ales are a nod to Old Blighty’s brewing legacy, with each pint telling a story of craftsmanship and tradition. Whether it’s a classic bitter, a creamy stout, or a refreshing golden ale, we ensure every beer lover finds their perfect accompaniment to our hearty fare.

Wine connoisseurs, rejoice! Our wine list is a thoughtfully chosen selection of both local and international varieties. From bold reds to crisp whites and playful rosés, we cater to every palate, and each bottle has been handpicked to complement our seasonally rotating menu.

For the lovers of gin, our gin menu is a delightful surprise. We stock an array of artisanal gins, each distinctive in its blend of botanicals. Pair it with one of our premium tonics, and you’ve got yourself a glass brimming with liquid poetry.

The jewel in our crown, however, is our cocktail menu. Inspired by Biggleswade’s cycling routes, each drink offers a unique twist on a classic, much like a thrilling ride on a well-loved path. From our signature Orange Martini that transports you to a sunlit path, to the Berry Bramble that brings alive the lushness of our town’s green lanes, every cocktail is a concoction of creativity and spirit.

So raise a glass at Saddle & Spoke, where we honor Biggleswade’s free house tradition with a tipple for every taste. Here’s to the good times, one drink at a time!

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