Why Saddle & Spoke Should be your Spot For Sunday Lunch in Biggleswade

sunday lunch in biggleswade

Looking for the best spot to indulge in a scrumptious Sunday lunch in Biggleswade? Welcome to Saddle & Spoke. We’ve got more than just a fancy name tied to the cycling legacy of Biggleswade. Inside, it’s all about getting cozy (think squishy sofas and dim lighting) while feasting on some top-notch grub. Sonia and Fiyaz, our hospitable owners, are all about making you feel at home, but with a plate of food that would make even the most dedicated home cook a tad envious.

And who’s the magician behind these mouth-watering meals? our very own chef and rising star, Will Ingarfill. He loves playing around with in-season ingredients to create a menu that changes as often as the British weather! His travel-inspired, globally-infused, but still very British dishes are the talk of the town, and you’ve got to try them for yourself. So, whether it’s a family gathering, a quick bite, or a romantic date, we’ve got you covered. Welcome to your new Sunday tradition, folks!

A Culinary Journey at Saddle & Spoke

Your Sunday culinary journey at Saddle & Spoke begins the moment you step through our doors and are greeted by the rich, enticing aroma of slow-cooked meat and freshly baked bread. Our menu, as varied as Biggleswade’s history, offers a range of dishes that will have your taste buds tingling faster than a puncture repair at the Tour de France.

Start with an appetizer that nods to our Italian cousins. Think bruschetta topped with locally sourced tomatoes, basil, and a generous drizzle of balsamic glaze. Or perhaps the Moroccan-inspired hummus with toasted flatbread is more your speed.

For the main dish, our signature roast, whether you’re a beef, chicken, or veggie roast kind of person, is served with all the trimmings. That’s crispy potatoes, roasted root vegetables, Yorkshire pudding, and a river of homemade gravy.

To finish off, our dessert menu, much like the weather, is subject to change but always delightful. If you’re lucky, you might catch the Eton mess, with local berries and hand-whipped cream, or a slice of our rich, decadent chocolate and salted caramel tart.

So, Welcome to Saddle & Spoke, where Sundays are about good company, delectable food, and making memories.

Reinventing the Traditional Sunday Lunch in Biggleswade

At Saddle & Spoke, we’re all for nostalgia, but we reckon the traditional British Sunday lunch needed a bit of a spruce up. So, we’ve taken the liberty to toss the script into the Thames and put a fun, creative spin on the Sunday classics.

Our head chef, Will, often seen whispering to vegetables and serenading the roasts, is the creative force behind our innovative twist. He takes the humble roast, a meal so British it probably queuing somewhere, and adds zingy flavors from around the world. Imagine your favorite roast chicken served with a side of colorful, spiced veggies that had a little shimmy with Moroccan flavors. Or how about a roast beef nuzzling up to wasabi mashed potatoes? Fancy, right?

Saddle & Spoke Sonia and Fiyaz

Reinventing the Sunday feast, we’ve curated an experience that’s as eye-popping as an episode of Downton Abbey but with fewer stiff upper lips and more belly laughs. At Saddle & Spoke, we’re not just serving food; we’re serving memories. So grab your mates, bring your family, and experience how we’re making Sunday the best day of the week in Biggleswade. And remember, our Sunday roasts are like a Beatles tune – universally loved and with a twist!

The Expert Hands behind Your Sunday Lunch at Saddle & Spoke

We bet you’re curious about our culinary wizard behind the counter, the man who catapults your taste buds on a global tour every Sunday. Meet Will Ingarfill – our kitchen maestro, a man passionate about food, and flavor, and having a bit of a giggle in the process.

Raised on a diet of Saturday morning cooking shows and a boundless curiosity about the world’s cuisines, Will studied at the esteemed Le Cordon Bleu in London. He then sharpened his knives (and wit!) in kitchens across the globe, from sun-soaked Spain to bustling Bangkok. He’s brought back a sack full of exotic flavors and culinary techniques to Biggleswade. His philosophy? Surprise, delight, repeat.

Will believes that a Sunday roast is much more than just food on a plate; it’s an edible narrative of the week. He artfully combines the love for British tradition with his travel-inspired gastronomic discoveries to create a Sunday lunch that’s got as much character as a Dickens novel but makes far more sense on your palate.

How Saddle & Spoke Celebrates Biggleswade’s Cycling Legacy with Sunday Lunch

At Saddle & Spoke, we do more than just serve food; we weave stories and local heritage into our culinary tapestry. In honor of Biggleswade’s rich cycling history, we’ve designed our Sunday lunch experience to reflect the spirit of adventure, camaraderie, and discovery synonymous with cycling.

You’ll notice cycling-inspired touches sprinkled throughout our menu. Our appetizers are named after famous local routes, and our desserts often pay homage to classic cycling snacks reimagined with a gourmet twist. Think, ‘Three Peaks Flapjack Sundae’ or ‘Energy Gel Lemon Tart’.

Our main dishes, much like a long, satisfying cycle, are designed to take you on a journey — from the locally sourced ingredients that mirror the scenic Biggleswade countryside to the exciting bursts of international flavors, much like the exhilarating thrill of a downhill ride.

Saddle & Spoke meal

And of course, our ‘Cycle Friendly’ options ensure that those following a high-energy, nutritious diet won’t miss out on our delicious Sunday lunch. We’ve got dishes that refuel the body while delighting the palate, ensuring you’re ready for your next ride.

So, whether you’re a cycling enthusiast or just someone who enjoys a good meal, come on over to Saddle & Spoke. Hop on this gastronomic bicycle, and let us treat you to a Sunday lunch that celebrates the joy of cycling and the comforting familiarity of a traditional meal. Because here, we’re all about good food, great stories, and building memories, one Sunday lunch at a time.

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