Saddle&Spoke – Your go-to among pubs near Biggleswade

Saddle&Spoke - Your go-to among pubs in Biggleswade

Welcome to the fabulous world of the Saddle & Spoke, a homey haven nestled within the historic heart of Biggleswade. Opening its doors in the chilly winter of 2022, this gem pays homage to Biggleswade’s rich cycling legacy, all under the warm and friendly stewardship of seasoned publicans, Sonia and Fiyaz Rehman. As you settle into our inviting ambiance, you’ll be charmed by our tastefully decorated interiors, designed for comfort and a dash of luxury. Feast on a delectable array of dishes crafted by our rising culinary star, Chef Will Ingarfill, known for his creativity with seasonal produce and his knack for spinning global flavors into his menus. Join us for a romantic dinner, a family Sunday roast, or a quick lunch; we promise you a dining experience that will leave you wanting more. So, when you’re on the hunt for the finest pubs in Biggleswade, look no further than the Saddle & Spoke, where every visit feels like coming home.

A Winter’s Tale: The Birth of The Saddle & Spoke – A Gem Among Pubs in Biggleswade

“In the dead of winter 2022, when the only things blooming were icicles and the hopes of two seasoned publicans, the Saddle & Spoke was born, sprouting up amidst the frosted historical heart of Biggleswade. Sonia and Fiyaz Rehman, our brave adventurers, threw open the doors to their dream, welcoming the townsfolk in from the cold and into the warmth of their inviting pub.

From the get-go, they pedaled hard to ensure their baby was not just another watering hole but a place the community could call home. And talk about uphill battles! Between keeping the fires lit in winter and pulling pints in the summer, they’ve faced a few punctures along the way. But, just like a trusty bicycle, they’ve not only kept the wheels turning but have also managed to build a reputation for the Saddle & Spoke as one of the finest pubs in Biggleswade.

The Tale of Two Publicans: Sonia and Fiyaz Rehman at The Saddle & Spoke

“We’re not just publicans, we’re dream peddlers,” chuckles Fiyaz Rehman, the charismatic half of the dynamic duo behind The Saddle & Spoke. The laughter is infectious, much like their passion for creating a pub that is more than just a place to grab a pint. Sonia and Fiyaz, pioneers of the popular ‘pub with a purpose’ concept, have a clear vision: to make The Saddle & Spoke a vibrant community hub steeped in Biggleswade’s rich culture and history. It’s not just about serving top-notch ales and sumptuous food, it’s about spinning a tale that resonates with the locals, a narrative that blends the town’s cycling heritage with the warmth of a traditional British pub.

Their journey as publicans has been a wild ride, with twists and turns similar to the cycling trails that inspire their venture. From brainstorming sessions over endless cups of tea to the exhilarating moment of opening their doors for the first time, every step has been an adventure. “We’ve faced our fair share of uphill battles, but the thrill of seeing our dream come to life has made every bump worth it,” beams Sonia, whose energy and enthusiasm light up the room.

Saddle & Spoke Sonia and Fiyaz

As Sonia and Fiyaz continue to navigate their journey as publicans, one thing is clear: The Saddle & Spoke isn’t just their dream, it’s their labor of love. And as this charismatic pair welcomes you with open arms and beaming smiles, you’re not just stepping into a pub; you’re stepping into a story that’s still being written, a story of passion, community, and the enduring charm of Biggleswade.

Special Hours, Special Memories at The Saddle & Spoke

The Saddle & Spoke isn’t just a pub; it’s a calendar of community celebrations, marking every special occasion with unique experiences that leave lasting memories. Whether it’s the sparkle of Christmas, the excitement of the New Year, or the joy of a local festival, every special hour spent here is a treasure trove of heart-warming moments.

Our Christmas celebrations are a sight to behold, as the pub transforms into a winter wonderland wrapped up in twinkling lights and festive decorations. The aroma of mulled wine, the crackling of the open fire, and the soothing melodies of Christmas carols create an enchanting atmosphere for all who step through our doors. The festive menu, lovingly curated by Chef Will Ingarfill, adds a delicious twist to traditional holiday dishes, making your Christmas at The Saddle & Spoke a truly memorable feast.

As the final day of the year approaches, we don our party hats and pull out all the stops for a fun-filled New Year’s Eve celebration. Live music, a special New Year’s menu, and a countdown party make for an unforgettable way to bid goodbye to the old and ring in the new.

But our celebrations are not limited to these major holidays. Each local festival, each landmark day in Biggleswade’s calendar, is an opportunity for us to bring the community together and celebrate. From Easter brunches to summer barbeques, and Halloween parties to themed quiz nights, there’s always something special happening at The Saddle & Spoke.

The Saddle & Spoke: A Homely Experience Beyond the Ordinary Pubs in Biggleswade

When you stroll into The Saddle & Spoke, you don’t just walk into a pub, you become a part of a vibrant community story. Now, don’t get us wrong, Biggleswade boasts an impressive array of pubs, each with its unique charm. But here’s the thing – The Saddle & Spoke isn’t just another pub, it’s an experience.

Saddle & Spoke - bar in Biggleswade

Where else can you find a pub that doubles as a living tribute to the town’s cycling heritage? Or where the publicans are not just publicans but ‘dream peddlers,’ as our beloved Sonia and Fiyaz Rehman put it. They’ve crafted a pub that’s not just about top-notch ales and sumptuous food (though, we must say, Chef Will Ingarfill’s spins on seasonal dishes are absolute showstoppers), but a place that resonates with the locals, spinning a tale of passion, community, and heritage.

So, while you might find a good pint and a cozy seat at other pubs, at The Saddle & Spoke, you’ll find a story, a community, a dream peddled into reality. It’s not just about quenching your thirst or filling your belly, it’s about feeling at home, being part of a family that’s always ready to welcome you with open arms and beaming smiles, truly embodying the heart and soul of Biggleswade.

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